From the 4th of September until the 6th, the latest edition of the STORE&GO masterclass “Power to (the) molecules – from technology to market uptake” took place in Amsterdam followed up by organized site visits by the University of Amsterdam as part of the summer school.

About 19 people attended the training course in Amsterdam, which had the chance to get valuable insights about the power-to-gas technology. The focus of the first day was to introduce the participants to the basics of Power-to-Gas technology as well as to present various innovative plant concepts. Afterwards smart energy solutions with hydrogen options presented, followed by techno-economic assessment of power-to-gas technologies. In the afternoon Xiaojin introduced the participants to the environmental impacts of power-to-gas and the legal and regulatory framework regarding power-to-gas and energy storage systems by Ruven Flemming from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

The second day was introduced by further short presentations on economic and regulatory topics and questions. Afterwards, six projects had the opportunity to present themselves within the framework of the Summer School programme, including the STORE&GO project. Day three ended with the start of the site visits and travles to two of the three STORE&GO demosites. The participants visited Falkenhagen (Germany) and Solothurn (Switzerland) and received comprehensive guided tours by the STORE&GO project managers of the demosites.

In summary, it can be said once again that the masterclass was a complete success and was very well received by all participants.