11th to 13th of November, STORE&GO Full Project Meeting in Torino, Italy

Once again the STORE&GO consortium assembled for their 9th Full Project Meeting in Torino, Italy.

One of the main points of this Full Project Meeting was to inform about the status quo of the three demonstration plants and their operation. All three plants are in operation and have partly significant operating hours. Furthermore, there have been no further interruptions in operation so far and the plants are being continuously optimized.

Another focus of the meeting was to identify and evaluate future business cases for power-to-gas. Topics were discussed, such as “Impact of PtG on transmission grid development” and “Business models and market measures for PtG in different energy sectors”.

Finally, an outlook was given on the upcoming and remaining activities and events of STORE&GO until the end of the project in February 2020. Also the European Power-to-Gas Roadmap was presented to the Consortium, which will be the main outcome of the STORE&GO project and will summarise the results of the past four project years and on the basis of which different recommendations for the future energy system in Europe will be formulated.

In summary it can be said that the ninth STORE&GO Full Project Meeting was once again a great success, in which much was achieved by all partners involved in the project.