18. October 2019 STORE&GO presents at "Wind Meets Gas" Conference in Groningen

In Groningen STORE&GO took part in the “Wind Meets Gas” conference, which was an exciting and interesting event with many excellent speakers and topics.

During the wind meets gas conference in Groningen on the 17. and 18. of October, STORE&GO presented their project results by Dr. Dietrich Gerstein. It was highlighted that the decarbonisation of the European energy system needs synthetic gases and therefoer the power-to-gas technology. Using electrons only and leaving aside molecules like H2 and CH4 will make it impossible to reduce CO2 emissions close to zero by 2050 and thus to reach our climate targets.

The three demonstration sites of STORE&GO have shown that the technology is available. Research and simulation have indicated that significant reduction of capex can be expected and operating cost of power-to-gas plants can be reduced. Politics on European and national level have to develop a regulatory framework, which should enable this promising technology to reach market maturity and to allow market growth for the future.

It became obvious during the conference that producers of renewable electricity see power-to-gas as a key element to transport and to store energy in the future and that the power-to-gas technology is the key enabler to couple the electricity and gas sector. Power-to-gas will provide the necessary tools to address the challenge to decarbonise the energy system by producing clean (“green”) gas from renewable power, which can be stored for balancing the energy grid and for providing gas as backup for power generation.