Call for Publications

Building on the “ERIG Theses for the European energy future” we bid you the opportunity to publish results and summaries of your scientific work and activities in research and innovation addressed withing that context. Following the guiding principles and the three theses, ERIG forsees to publish the collected contributions in three dossiers: Progress in Renewable & Decarbonised Gas, Progress in Energy Hubs and Security of Supply” as well as “Progress in Smart Energy System. Your contributions can have the form papers, essays, management summaries, etc. and will be reviewed and compiled into free publications by ERIG. Please follow the detailed instructions and submit your contribution until October 4th, 2021.

Progress in Renewable & Decarbonised Gas
ERIG foresees a future gas system no longer relying on only one type of gas but both methane and hydrogen. Furthermore, these gases can be produced on a multitude of ways. This is why we say the gas future is “multi-gas not mono-gas”. There is a wide array of potential gases of different origin with varying greenhouse gas emission reduction potential. We are looking for contributions that help clarify the potentials of each of these gases, their corresponding production technologies and strategies and best practice to implement them to the gas system.
Source: ERIG theses for the European energy future
Progress in Energy Hubs & Security of Supply

New international hubs, routes and trade of renewable and decarbonised gas are arising. In the future European Energy hubs, established in regions with exceptional conditions for renewable energy production, will interconnect offshore production facilities with the use of existing gas infrastructure. An international trading platform for renewable gases will exist and new molecule renewable/decarbonized energy carriers, provided from new world wide energy hubs, are going to supply the european market establishing new routes of trade. We are looking for contributions that best describe this transition and individual aspects thereof.

Source: North Sea Wind Power Hub (NSWPH)
Progress in Smart Energy System

With the theses “gas at the centre”, ERIG projects a future energy system with gas and electricity as the two leading partners of the energy transition. The resulting integrated energy system should be founded on a truly systemic multi energy approach. Key cross energy vector technologies such as Combined Heat and Power as well as Power to Gas play key roles in this concept together with the digital interface between gas and power. A transition is also needed within the gas system itself. First of all, by expanding its use into all sectors and also by going from methane content to hydrogen with all issues of handling metrology and safety attached to that. We are looking for contributions that highlights and support a deeper understanding of what this imply. Both in general terms as well as going into specific aspects. 

Source: ERIG theses for the European energy future
Your article has the chance to be published under one of these topics in form of a collection of articles and gives you the chance to reach a wide scientific audience and new network possibilities with your scientific results. For more information how to submit your content, please follow the instructions in this document.