Deliverable 7.7 Analysis on future technology options and on techno-economic optimization

Since the market launch and development of PtG technology depend on, among other things, the profitability (and thus mainly on the investment costs) of the plant, the potential cost reduction are examined in this Deliverable D7.7. In addition to the key technological characteristics (e.g., state of the art and future projects), new developments, technologies and materials, and potential future fields of application are analysed. Finally, the SNG production costs are calculated for different applications in order to demonstrate PtG’s potential. In general, there is little difference in SNG production costs according to the technology used, whereby in future PtG plants with an alkaline electrolyser will have slightly higher SNG production costs than those with a PEM electrolyser, and a PtG plant built with an SOEC and catalytic methanation will tend to have slightly lower SNG production costs.

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