Deliverable 8.6 Report on the optimal time profile and operation of the conversion technology during a representative year, in the perspective of the available storage capacities

This report gives an overview on economics for various operating strategies of Power-to-Gas methanation plants during a representative year. Four different basic operating strategies considering the electricity and gas market were analysed (1–4). The operating strategies vary in whether or not electricity and gas are bought and sold according to hourly and daily varying price levels or via long-term contracts that are arranged on forehand and therefore ensure continuous operation of the plant (or parts of the plant). Besides the basic operating strategies, the authors see further opportunities for applying PtG in the near future (2030–2050). Therefore, eight additional strategies (5–12) have been analysed. In addition to long-term contracts and trading on the day-ahead market, these strategies consider direct coupling of the PtG plant with a renewable energy source and the seasonal use of surpluses (grid services) on the electricity purchase.

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