Deliverable 8.7 Report on data and methods used for the potential analysis of power-to-methane in Europe

This report presents the input data and the methods used for calculating the potential CO2 that can be captured from the relevant industry sectors and biogas plants in Europe for large-scale PtG energy storage as well as the methods for locating the most suitable potential PtG locations. The number of the industry plants within the considered industry sectors, their total emitted CO2 amounts and their geographical distribution are also demonstrated. The potential locations for the PtG energy conversion plants are identified based on the geographical availability of wind energy
and substation distribution, combined with the industrial and biological CO2 sources. In this Deliverable D8.7 of the STORE&GO project, the focus is on the potential of coupling wind energy generation with CO2 sources for the production of renewable gas along the PtG route.

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