Brussels, December 3, 2019 – ERIG announced today it has further expanded its international network of members by welcoming the Slovak Gas and Oil Association (SGOA). This entity represents Slovakia’s energy industry and research community.

“Slovakia is one of the most important EU countries in terms of transmission of natural gas”, told General Secretary of ERIG Hans Rasmusson at an extraordinary meeting of the ERIG Board of Directors. “We are pleased to welcome SGOA as our new Country Member and hope that the association can contribute to our scientific initiatives focusing on the new role of gas in the energy system with special focus on renewable and climate neutral gases such as BioSNG, Biogas or Hydrogen. Through our activities, we will mutually strengthen innovative energy projects with the participation of Slovakia. We see a significant potential in this cooperation.”

„SGOA joins ERIG as Country Member in the ambition to strengthen the Slovak connection with European energy research and industry. In ERIG we recognize an efficient and effective way to be part of upcoming definitive EU-Projects together with the leading European technical & scientific associations already members of ERIG,” said Richard Kvasnovsky, Executive Director at SGOA.