"The relevance of P2G and regional development in the energy crisis"

Evening Policy Talk  – March 22nd 2023 at Thon Hotel in Brussels

Hydrogen has a central role in the implementation of the European Green Deal. This is manifested in the EU Hydrogen Strategy and further underlined in the ambition for renewable hydrogen in RePower EU and many other actions.
The conflict in Ukraine has put extra stress on the energy market and corresponding implications for the price of natural gas and electricity, rattling the previous established approaches and must be considered in future policies.

  • How can regional hydrogen projects help mitigate some of the challenges and help reaching the climate objectives?
  • How can already existing natural gas infrastructure help support this?
  • And what are the current understanding from research to the conditions under which renewable hydrogen would outcompete natural gas in the current market?

These and many more questions will be raised and discussed during an evening from the background of current and forthcoming policies for the energy transition.

This Evening Policy Talk event is not a hybrid event! Your participation is personally.

It is hosted by the SuperP2G-Project, that also invite you to participate in their SuperP2G-Closing Conference on March 23rd 2023 in Brussels – superp2g.eu offering a deeper insight to the SuperP2G tool to support regional development of Power-to-Gas projects as well as to their immediate results and conclusions from the project. It is also supported by Hy2Market that brings together partners along the quadruple helix of Industry, Regional Government, Research and Customers, across Europe to collaborate along the hydrogen value chain and the implementation of hydrogen solutions in the participating regions.

Please note!
Registration is binding.
Participation is free of charge, but in case of registration and non-participation, ERIG reserves the right to charge the costs incurred for physical participation.

!! Registration is closed, the event is fully booked !!

Agenda of the evening

18:00-18:30 Registration & welcome drinks
18:30-18:45 Welcome and introduction to the topic

                       Prof. Gerald Linke, ERIG president 
                       Prof. Marie Münster for SuperP2G

19:00-19:45 Opening statement followed by panel discussion

                       Prof. Gerald Linke for ERIG 
                       Prof. Marie Münster for SuperP2G
                       Dr. Patrick Cnubben for Hy2Market/ HEAVENNN
                       Thea Larsen for Ready4H2
                       Hortense Lutz-Hermellin for S3 H2Valleys Platform

19:45-20:15 Discussion with audience
20:15 Come together and dinner buffet

We look forward to welcoming you in Brussels and have a fruitful disussion with you. with you.

If you have any questions, please contact us. (office@erig.eu)

Hy2Market co-funded by the European Union

SuperP2G co-funded by ERA-Net