SuperP2G Project Meeting

Successful consortia meeting at DTU in Denmark

Finally, the project partners in SuperP2G were able to meet in person, share results and discuss the further progress. Due to corona, the team have had to rely on online meetings so far within the project. This all changed after the national and internal travel restrictions have been eased and the project partners met at DTU in Lyngby by Copenhagen on September 29th 2022. Within the meeting the latest results from each work package were shared. It ranges from the future industrial demand for hydrogen, hydrogen markets and overall potential sources of renewable hydrogen and transport routes in Europe to the specific technology development potentials of electrolysers and methanation facilities. Furthermore, the different tools and models for evaluation and implementation of power-to-gas technologies were reviewed and the final concept of bringing them all together in a comprehensible and easy to use “SuperP2G-toolbox” where developed.

The results in the project are challenged by the current volatility on the gas and energy market due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. The project team is currently reviewing these effects on their results and plan to make a dedicated summary and publication to these issues. The next public event will be the closing workshop of the project in March 2023 and all results from the project will be made available there.