HyDelta 2.0 Webinars

ERIG supports the HyDelta project of its dutch partner New Energy Coalition.

HyDelta Home – HyDelta is a public-private partnership, a Dutch national research program and collaboration facilitating the large-scale implementation of hydrogen in the Netherlands.

This program focused on researching the transport or blending of hydrogen in the existing natural gas grid in the Netherlands. HyDelta 2.0 aims to explore the economics of developing a hydrogen value chain in the Netherlands and to empower the hydrogen economy by resolving technical, scientific and social barriers.

With the ongoing energy transition, awareness has grown that the production and application of carbon-neutral hydrogen is an indispensable component of this transition.
But there are many open questions:

– Which standards and regulations are required for hydrogen?
– What can the hydrogen value chain look like?
– Can existing safety and equipment work with hydrogen?
– What are the most important safety aspects for hydrogen?

All these questions cannot be answered without research, and without such answers there will be no progress in investment programs and deployment. Therefore, at the present stage, research programs are the key to progress in the hydrogen economy.

The focus of HyDelta 2.0 is to research the technical feasibility of hydrogen transport/blending and the economic viability of developing a hydrogen value chain in the Netherlands.

  • The first two webinars (held on 3 and 15th November 2022) presented highlights from the research carried out to-date regarding economic aspects and hydrogen safety in the gas grid. Recordings will be available in due course.
  • In the third webinar, 29th November 2022, 11:00-13:00, the topics hydrogen and transport assets are tackled. 
  • And finally in the fourth webinar, 8th December, 11:00-13:00, the social aspects of hydrogen will be presented and discussed. 

Please register at: https://hydelta.nl/news 

Research results of HyDelta are published and freely available.