Learnbook on hydrogen imports –

published on 21st December 2023

The European Clean Hydrogen Alliance published its Learnbook on Hydrogen imports, which is intended to serve as an overview document and reference point for discussions on hydrogen imports.
ERIG is official member of the alliance and has supported the development of the learnbook within our engagement in the roundtable “Transport and Distribution” .

In order to achieve the European ambitions, hydrogen imports into the EU are necessary. Different import options are possible – each with specific benefits and challenges. The Learnbook provides insights into the different import options and on tackling the most pressing challenges.

Hydrogen will play a major role in decarbonising the European industry – as laid out in European policy and strategies. The REPowerEU plan foresees 10 million tonnes of yearly hydrogen imports to the EU by 2030. To achieve this target and meet future demand, the EU needs hydrogen imports, for which there are various options, each with specific challenges and benefits.

One pillar of hydrogen imports is the development of international strategic partnerships and supporting growth of large-scale production projects.
In this context, the Learnbook provides an overview of

  • potential suppliers and important export projects
  • planned import projects and the associated infrastructure, divided into a section for sea routes and a section for pipeline routes

The new framework for gas and hydrogen will help to kick-start the market – however, additional regulatory developments are needed as well – including definitions, standards and environmental regulations. Infrastructure will serve as a crucial pillar and as an enabler of building up the hydrogen economy. Europe has valuable infrastructure assets, and there are many instances where existing infrastructure (ports, terminals, pipelines, etc.) could be repurposed to allow cost-effective highvolume imports. Assessment and development of relevant infrastructure at national and transEuropean level needs to follow.

The Learnbook on Hydrogen imports is a product of the Transmission and Distribution Roundtable of the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance and is available on the website of Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs DocsRoom – European Commission (europa.eu) and on the ENTSOG website, LEARNBOOK: HYDROGEN IMPORTS TO THE EU MARKET (entsog.eu).

The Learnbook is the second Learnbook from the Transmission and Distribution Roundtable, with the first Learnbook focusing on Hydrogen Supply Corridors. Additional Learnbooks on Financing and Implementation of Projects are planned in separate task forces of the Transmission and Distribution Roundtable.