Wind meets Gas 2022

Wind meets gas – Energy resilience

The 6th edition of Wind meets Gas will take place on October 6th & 7th in the traditional setting of the Martini church in Groningen. This year’s edition of Wind meets Gas will specifically focus on the resilience of our energy system. The war in Ukraine has painfully reminded us that security of supply and affordability of energy is not something that can be taken for granted, whilst we are putting so much effort into the energy transition. All aspects of the energy trilemma have to be taken into account when creating a sustainable energy future.

Wind meets Gas will keep a strong focus on the North Sea area and the growing role of clean hydrogen and offshore wind. If there is any area that will have to show how to deal with the energy resilience issue, it is North western Europe. One of the world’s largest and most vital energy hotspots. That is why we will explore the most recent initiatives in the area to keep you updated on what is about to happen in our region to make energy sustainable, more secure and affordable at the same time.

Wind meets Gas is an invite-only event for which participants receive a personal invitation and registration link which is non-transferable.

There are many high level keynote speakers from the energy industry, government and academia and a wide variety of workshops.

ERIG is proud to be part of Wind meets Gas 2022 and to present our projects around the Topic group North Sea and Hydrogen Valleys with a presentation by our Secretary General Hans Rasmusson and through personal presence with a booth.