The STORE&GO Demonstration Sites

In STORE&GO complementary technological, economic and societal aspects of power-to-gas with an innovation focus in methanation technologies were implemented and tested by established private enterprises on three demonstration sites in Germany, Italy and Switzerland.


Characteristics of the three demonstration sites

Demonstration site Falkenhagen/Germany Demonstration site Solothurn/Switzerland Demonstration site Troia/Italy
Representative region with respect to typical generation of RES Rural area in the North East of Germany with high wind power production and low overall electricity consumption Municipal area in the Alps region with considerable RES from PV and hydro production Rural are in the Mediterranean area with high PV capacities, considerable wind power production, low overall electricity consumption
Connection to the electricity grid Transmission grid Municipal distribution grid Regional distribution grid
Connection to the gas grid Long distance transport grid Municipal distribution grid Regional LNG Distribution network via cryogenic trucks
Plant size (in relation to the el. power input) 1 MW 700 kW 200 kW
Methanation technology to be demonstrated Isothermal catalytic honeycomb/structured wall reactors Biological methanation Modular milli-structured catalytic methanation reactors
CO₂ source Biogas or bioethanol plant Waste water treatment plant CO₂ from atmosphere
Heat integration possibilities Veneer mill District heating CO₂ enrichment
Existing facilities and infrastructure 2 MW alkaline electrolyser, hydrogen injection plant 350 KW PEM electrolyser, hydrogen injection plant, district heating, CHP plant 1.000 kW alkaline electrolyser