HIGGS Project Brochure

HIGGS Project Brochure – Systematic validation of hydrogen admixture into the high pressure gas grid The HIGGS Project Brochure summarizes the most important results and experiences made during the HIGGS project. It includes main outcomes and links to reports, publications and deliverables It focuses, besides others, on the 3 main Topics in HIGGS: Material and component […]

Renewable Long-Haul Road Transport Considering Technology Improvements and European Infrastructure

The study “Renewable Long-Haul Road Transport Considering Technology Improvements and European Infrastructures” on the technological options to reduce green house gas emissions in long-haul heavy-duty road transport was published in july 2023. The results shows that while all options have their strengths and weaknesses, the biological based and synthetic renewable fuels that are combined with […]

“Effects of European CO2-Regulations for Vehicles on the European Energy System”

The EU has stepped up its ambitions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of the EU Green Deal. This also includes emissions from road transport, which are specified in the EU’s “Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy”. The ambitions are in contrast to the current emissions trend in the road transport sector. In this article, […]

“Theses for the European energy future“

The ERIG Theses for the European Energy Future show a possible pathway to achieve international and European climate goals. The document presents a holistic approach considering not only the energy sector itself, but also social acceptance and economic feasibility. Since the time and the CO2 budget are limited, the need arises for starting a realisticprocess […]