04. October 2019 Introduction to PtG technologies and STORE&GO

From the 4th of September until the 6th, the latest edition of the STORE&GO masterclass “Power to (the) molecules – from technology to market uptake” took place in Amsterdam followed up by organized site visits by the University of Amsterdam as part of the summer school. About 19 people attended the training course in Amsterdam, […]

07. June 2019 Biological Methanation Plant Solothurn Injecting Gas

On June 7th, 2019 the biological methanathion plant in Switzerland Solothurn started producing green methane. The Solothurn demo site hosts the only biological methanation reactor of the STORE&GO project. It was in the last days of May when the microorganisms in the reactor took up their work, multiplied and started producing methane. Within only a […]

2018-11-05 Masterclass in Power to (the) molecules – from technology to market uptake

The kick-off masterclass “Power-to-(the)-molecules” took place in the beginning of November in Groningen, 2018. The masterclass was the first edition of a series of eight workshops that are organized by the Energy Delta Institute (EDI) in Groningen under the flagship of the Horizon 2020 project STORE&GO. The kick-off masterclass “Power-to-(the)-molecules” took place in the beginning of […]